Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Toning the Face Without Surgery

The first attempt in changing the facial appearance may be through anti-aging creams. The anti-aging creams may improve the tone and even the texture of the skin possibly. Even with professional treatments applying quality products the results will not bring back the sagging cheeks and jaw-line or youthful color of the skin that a person once had. There are many products on the market that make big claims and solutions for these issues, but is there really anything that can be done?

There are many different reasons for the aging of the skin according to some experts. These explanations include a person's genetic preset future, lacking of a nutrient-rich diet that include necessary elements to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin, weak muscles and reduction in collagen cause the skin to sag and toxins in the body and environmental factors on the outside of the body damage the skin's cells. So is there anything to repair this damage?

There are a few options for a person to choose from that actually have results. Botox injections have become increasingly popular lately. These injections are inserted to the small muscles underneath the noticeable lines in the face causing concern. The botox works to paralyze the muscle into the correct place, creating a smooth, tightened face temporarily. After three or six months the procedure will need to be repeated.

Another option is non-ablative procedures. Non-ablative therapies are those that do not break down outer tissues as they work their way down to stimulate collagen growth in the dermis. The non-invasive procedures in use deliver a controlled energy to the skin. The process is gradual and the smoothing of wrinkles occurs over time.

Yet another option is a plastic surgeon. Not an option for most people due to the large cost associated with surgery, it is an invasive option with that carry the dangers of surgery as well as a period of down-time due to recovery.

A new natural method for facial improvement is facial exercises. Facial exercises are inexpensive and a non-invasive way to combat the aging fate. Facial exercise and massages are a routine a person needs to stick to as with any other form of exercise, in order to stimulate the facial muscles which will help the skin stay in its proper place. It has been reported that if a person does stick with the regimen, results will appear.

Several versions of facial massage and exercise vary from self-educating books, professional treatments or various devices for a person to use. Some of the more popular anti-aging exercises and massages include the Indian facial massage, facial exercises developed by gyms is a new trend and also a facial exercise ball used in conjunction with herbal nutrients to resistance train the muscles while treating the skin with herbal therapy.

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